Sergey Larenkov

s640x480As mentioned the inspiration for this idea came from an activity planned by Paul Salmons (then of the IWM, now of the HEDP).

The picture produced by Marshall Mateer was the initial stimulus, but it was the work of Sergey Larenkov that helped my ideas crystallize.

This image of Leningrad/St. Petersburg showed me how the past could be used to highlight the present, how it is part of the present.

More of his work can be found at : which inspired others to copy his work, me being just one example.

It is interesting to note that sites such as Google’s would not have become so interesting.


In 2009 I hosted a workshop at the SHP conference looking at my North Ormesby project. The resources and materials are posted to allow others to use the ideas.

I must acknowledge the help and guidance from Marshall Mateer of  Shapes of Time fame, for without him I would not have been inspired enough to continue with my initial idea.

This is the website for these materials